Goings On Around the Reservoir

Monday: Thought you might like to see where our 18 inches of snow went ~ straight into the Chamberlain Brook falls on the farm property.

I took a ride yesterday because the sun was out! YAY. We had had a few peeks of sun on some day last week, enough to tease us into thinking that the solar lights would go on at dusk, but no dice. So on the first sunny day in about a week, I grabbed my camera and went driving around the Reservoir.

I’ll post a picture of what used to be a reservoir. The water level is so low that it is just a small river running in the valley. Because of last summer’s drought conditions, NYC let the water out to keep salt water from backing up into Philadelphia’s drinking water. I know, it’s complicated. But remember that the West Branch Delaware River was dammed to create the Cannonsville Reservoir, and think of where the River goes out to sea: The Delaware Bay.

The West and East branches come together in Hancock, at “The Wedding of the Waters,” to form the Delaware River, but that’s another lesson for another time. (Hancock Central School’s alma mater begins, “Near the wedding of the waters/in the Catskills Hills/you will find our Alma Mater/our hearts with pride it fills.” Yes, people, I sang it many a time during my tenure as an HCS teacher.)

So anyway, back to the snow. It appears that we’re going to be nickel and dimed for the next few days. Two inches here, three inches there, snow showers, snow flurries, and so on, and colder air by the weekend with lows in the teens. ACK.

AccuWeather reports that unlike last winter, in which most of winter’s snowfall came from a few heavy storms, this winter will last into the early or middle part of spring and will feature frequent snow events.

So, OK. We’re used to that. We’re strong like bull. We can handle it. Can you tell that I’m trying to convince myself? I thought you could. For now, though, there is an inch of snow over everything, and the fir trees look like Christmas cards.

And speaking of which, The Solitude will have families gathering together for both Christmas and New Year’s weekends. We look forward to hosting them at the most festive time of year.

Till next time,


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