Another Snowy Day

Today’s photo is of The Solitude at night. You can see the Christmas tree peeking out a window and the little candles lit in the windows.

The wind is howling and the snow is falling heavily as I write. The forecast is for 6-8 inches, but the temperature is supposed to rise into the high 30s by tomorrow, so we will once again continue with the snow/freeze/thaw/snow/freeze/thaw weather we have been experiencing so far. I keep reminding myself that it is not even winter yet (at least for three more days), and that is a stark realization.

Last year at this time, we had had two inches of snow. As of today, I think we have had nearly sixty inches. Of course, not all of it remains on the ground. (Because of the snow/freeze/thaw/snow/freeze/thaw.) I think I may be saying that a lot this year. At least I hope I will be saying that. If not, the snow will be high as an elephant’s eye.

I blew the snow off the front porch about an hour ago, and you wouldn’t know it to look at it now. Joe is out there in all this on the John Deere 750 plowing the driveways of the three houses, around the woodpiles, and at our neighbor’s house. Brrrr. He bought a new hat the other day, and when I first saw him in it, I burst out laughing. Elmer Fudd. Big beak of a brim. Ear flaps lined in fleece. I’ll try to get a photo of it, so you can LOL, too. Oh. I hear the back door sleigh bells ringing. Thankfully Joe has come in. It’s even too much for Elmer.

Hope those of you experiencing this storm are snug. To those of you in warmer climates: think of us. When chores are done today, we’ll be inside reading a book and dreaming of summer.

Till next time,


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