Foggy Morning on The Farm

Wednesday: Our 18 inches of snow is just a memory now, as spring has returned for a few days. The morning fog was thick and beautiful. I shot a few photos from the deck of my house, one of which accompanies this post.

I bought and decorated a Christmas tree for The Solitude, and I hope to get it down to the house within the next few days. Joe and our friend Duane are busy cutting the last of the fir boughs to finish up our orders. The weather has been against them – first lots of snow and now rain every day. At least the temperatures are mild, but it’s no fun working out in the fields in the rain. I make them soup every day for lunch. I made stock from the turkey carcass, so I think today it’ll be turkey vegetable. I remember reading a poem written by a student who defined “turkey” as a “big bird who gets revenge for three weeks with leftovers.” He was right.

We’re in low season right now, but I hope that there are some stalwart folks out there who like snow-hiking or cross-country skiing. It really can be stunning and sparkly here in the winter, and what better place to warm up after a day playing in the snow than The Solitude Inn?

Hope you’re having tolerable weather wherever you live. It will turn cold here one of these days, and we will enjoy the beauty of snow glistening on fir trees. After a month or so, we will begin to think of daffodils and the first green shoots of purple iris, and spring will once again wake the Earth. And so it goes.

Till next time.

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