Happy Mother’s Day from The Solitude Inn

Best wishes to all the Moms, especially those in our family: Paula, Peggy, Eileen, Lisa, Shawne, and Michelle. Hope you all have a fantastic day.

I took this shot of the reservoir on Friday from the rest area between the Cannonsville Bridge and Chamberlain Brook Road. The NYCDEP cleared some of the trees away last year, and now passersby can actually see the reservoir again. I thought the light was right, but I wasn’t prepared for the beautiful frame that the trees made for the water. Waaaayyyy across the water is Chamberlain Brook Road.

The hills are chartreuse with leaves about to unfurl. We’ve had more than our share of rain, with a whole day of it yesterday and showers predicted for today. Joe has mowed the lawns about 10 times already! And because of my broken shoulder and the crummy weather, I am behind in my gardening ~ both planting and garden-keeping. I guess that’s OK though, because the pea seeds and the onion sets probably would have rotted anyway.

We are beginning to have a few more bookings, although it has been slower than we expected. We’re planning on redoing the porch floors after we have pressure washed them. And Joe is working on The Solitude Inn Cabin. (For those of you who have been here, it’s the first house on the right, just before the SI.) He completely renovated the bathroom over the winter, and he is now replacing the front door. It probably will not be finished and ready for occupancy this year, but we’re hoping for next year.

We’re going to brunch later with our friends, and we hope you are doing something special today, too.

Till next time.

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