The Last Full Moon of Winter

SUNDAY:  I took this shot last night, thinking it was the full moon, but I was about 12 hours too soon.

            The final full moon of winter 2017 will reach its crest at 10:54 a.m. EST on Sunday, March 12. This lunar event arrives only a week before the spring equinox and, quite appropriately, represents nature’s inevitable rebirth after the dark winter months.

            The Native American name for this full moon, the Worm Moon, alludes to the earthworms that emerge from the softening ground at this time of year. Meanwhile, many sects of Paganism refer to this moon as the Storm Moon, which may have contributed to the old wives’ tale that March “comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.”

Worm Moon, huh? I kinda doubt that any worm could get through the frozen ground here. It was zero this morning, and we have a few more nights of bitter cold and windy days. Spring can’t come soon enough.

In searching around for the date of the full moon, I also came across this, from

FULL MOON in Virgo March 12th 2017~

The full moon moves into the sign of Virgo, the archetype of the virgin whose original meaning was a free woman or a woman onto herself. Holy and whole onto herself, she is the medicine woman within each of us who knows that by healing herself she heals the world.

            She is the Corn Mother who is able to separate the wheat from the chaff and helps us focus on what truly matters.

            She brings offerings of remembrance of our indelible connection to Mother Earth as our Source.

            She calls to us to recalibrate and restore as we rise into our real work.

I hope that all of you are recalibrating and feeling a sense of restoration as spring looms and worms make their way to the surface.

Till next time.

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