We’ve Had Our Phil of Winter

We have a GroundDog ~ Punxsutawney Duke. He’s not very good at seeing his shadow, especially since it is cloudy today, but he is very good at siting in the snow, watching for something to move, and then barking his head off. We call his finds “the invisible threat,” because we rarely see whatever it is he has spied. He’s a one-dog alarm system.

We got about six inches of snow on Tuesday. The forecast had been for 1-3 inches. Oh, yeah. Then we got about three inches last night, so we are plowing and shoveling again today. Winter can go away now, and the spring rains can appear.

Precipitation is welcome, however, as the Cannonsville is now at 56.3% of capacity. It has gone up 11% since January 18th, and that’s a very good thing. We feel reasonably assured that we will have a big, blue Reservoir again in May or June.

Till next time.

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